Mixmove to be DHL China-EU digital handler

Norwegian Mixmove is to be DHL’s digital handling partner for items that have been ordered on Amazon platforms and sent from suppliers in China.

Under the deal, Mixmove will handle around 50,000 packages a day that have been sent from China. The packages are delivered to a transport terminal in Belgium before being forwarded to one of the 33 Amazon delivery sites in Europe.

When Mixmove receives the packages it ensures that each is labelled properly with individual barcodes before they are consolidated and sent to their destination. The digital handling includes air cargo, whipping and road transport.

Knut Fredrik Ramstad, chief executive of Mixmove, said: “We have partnered with DHL for several years already and helped companies like 3M to reduce transport cost by 35 per cent and CO2-emissions by 50 per cent. Our solutions help companies fill up their trucks, so they are not driving mile after mile, only transporting air.

“It is important to utilise the capacity that already exists. If all companies used our solutions, we could be closer to achieving the world’s emission goals. In total, the fleet of planes, ships and trucks transporting cargo could be cut in half world-wide. This amounts to a lot more CO2-emission than any private transport, which tends to generate a lot more public debate.”


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