Mobile Express Returns Walmart service

Walmart has announced its new Mobile Express Returns offering, that enables online and in-store purchases to be returned to its stores, on a blog on its website.

According to Walmart, “Using Mobile Express Returns, customers can choose to begin the return process at home, on the Walmart app. You’ll be prompted to input the reason for the return, select how you want to receive your refund and specify whether you would like to receive it in a store or by mail. Upon arriving to a Walmart location to return the item, you’ll use the app at our Mobile Express Lane to scan a QR code, hand the package over to an associate, and receive your refund. It’s that simple, but makes a big difference.”

Streamlining the returns process if almost as important as streamlining the buying process for customers as it improves the firm’s image in their eyes.

The Walmart blog continued, “With Mobile Express Returns, we’re bringing online and in-store purchases together to offer a convenience that just makes sense. We will continue to use our app and our stores together, making shopping even faster and easier for our customers.”