Montreal pilots e-cargo-bike deliveries

The government of Montreal in Canada has launched a pilot using e-cargo bikes for last mile delivery.

The CAN $100,000 pilot, dubbed Colibri, is designed to see how a hub-and-spoke delivery model would reduce congestion on the city’s streets. Vans will carry parcels to a former bus station in the city and e-cargo-bikes will do the final mile drops and pickups with the bus station as a hub.

“I’m excited about this innovative new project supported by partners interested in testing tomorrow’s more environmentally friendly delivery solutions,“ says Valérie Plante, mayor of Montréal and the Arrondissement de Ville-Marie. “The Colibri project will not only support our city’s shift to a greener future, but also help improve the safety of road users by limiting the number of trucks in the city centre.“

Five delivery firms are involved in the pilot – delivery giant Purolator, as well as Chausseurs Courrier, Courant Plus, la Roue Libre and LVM Livraison.

“The development of green technologies and the growth of online retail are spawning new delivery solutions,“ says Robert Beaudry, district councillor for Saint-Jacques and head of economic and commercial development on the city’s executive committee.


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