Moon Nacht Express moves in on late night deliveries

The latest entrant to the German night express market, Moon Nacht Express, has opened five new branches in Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Würzburg and Augsburg. This adds to the five cities in Germany the firm had already been operating in – Berlin/Potsdam, Hermsdorf, Osnabrück, Frankfurt and Karlsruhe.

“We are now working nationwide in Germany,” says CEO Georg Kierdorf. The company is now entering the new year with ten offices, 120 employees and 250 vehicles traveling at night to deliver important deliveries. “By 2022, we will have opened 25 branches in Germany,” he continued.

Currently a B2B only delivery business, Moon Nacht Express focuses on urgent deliveries for automotive, construction and agricultural businesses. Clients phone them up when goods are needed for a delivery between 02:00 and 08:00 every morning.

When the company was founded in June 2018, Moon Nacht Express had a capacity of 30,000 packages per night but plan to extend this to 200,000 by 2022.

The company imports from and exports to some 25 countries across Europe on an overnight / express basis. The company is an international corporation with paid-in share capital of €500,000 and a capital base of around €18 million.

Late night deliveries are catching on in Germany yet are a novel concept outside of the country. Moon Nacht Express have moved in on this market as there is significant demand and a lack of capacity even in Germany. This is a very interesting market and may lead the way in new developments in last mile delivery.


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