More UK Postmasters to join Post Office Board

In recognition of their important roles and to improve transparency, the UK Post Office has invited applications from Postmasters to take on one of two Non-Executive Director (NED) roles on the Post Office Board. This doubles their representation on the Board.

The move is in part due to a number of Postmasters being prosecuted due to a faulty national computer accounting system – many were overturned in a recent court case.

The selection is to be transparent and independent. An independent committee comprising leading industry figures: James Lowman, CEO, Association of Convenience Stores; Shirine Khoury-Haq, CFO at the Co-op Group; and Jean Church MBE, Council Member at the Institute of Directors has been appointed. All will contribute a wealth of convenience retailing, financial and independent executive level experience. The voting process will be overseen by Civica Elections services (formerly Electoral Reform Services), and Green Park consultants, specialists in board appointments, who will advise on best practice across the process.

The successful Postmaster NEDs will join the Board in April 2021, at the start of the new financial year for Post Office.

Nick Read, Chief Executive of the Post Office, said: “Having two serving Postmasters on our Board sends the clearest signal yet of our determination to ensure Postmasters really are at the heart of our business, and this election is another vital milestone in resetting our relationship with Postmasters. The transparent and independent selection process, led by external industry experts, will ensure the Board is able to benefit from the counsel and input of the most suitable candidates.”

“To sit on the Board of any company carries great responsibility, a responsibility I know our Postmasters will be well placed to fulfil. I have been encouraged by the interest from Postmasters in applying and look forward to working with our two new Non-Executive Directors in March.”