MPD Group appoints John Crowther as chief technology officer

John Crowther, who has worked with and, is to be non-executive chief technology officer at MPD Group. He will oversee the continued development of the Electio Delivery Management Platform, as well as overseing the recruiting for Electio’s in house team.

Electio is an SaaS platform that enables retailers to manage multiple carrier relationships through one portal. Using the system, retail businesses can select the most efficient and economic delivery option for each order.

Crowther was hired because of his experience working at the coal face of the e-commerce industry. Dave Grimes, CEO of MPD Group said of the new appointment, “His understanding and knowledge of fulfilment technology is an invaluable asset to the company. I’m thrilled to welcome him into the board.”

UK company MPD creates technology to ensure better fulfilment and deliveries. It founded the My Parcel Delivery website.