M&S testing food delivery

Marks & Spencer (M&S), the luxury food and fashion retailer, has announced it has begun online food delivery and collection trials.

M&S has indicated to media outlets that it is testing a home delivery service to customers in the London borough of Camden, as well as a click & collect service in Woodley near Reading.

According to M&S the trial delivery services are being offered only to “selected Sparks customers”.

Those Sparks members can choose meals from the “Dinner for tonight” range for delivery/collection “in as little as an hour”. Alternatively, they can select from the full range of M&S fresh food and grocery for delivery/collection “in as little as two hours”.

M&S said that it was running the food online trials to “explore what works for our customers”.

M&S would be the last major retailer to do food deliveries. Given its position at the top of the luxury food chain for most regions outside of London, one would expect that this offering would be a cut above that of its immediate rivals Waitrose and certainly better than the mass market services offered by the likes of Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco. What is being offered by M&S and how this will operate hasn’t been announced just yet, though those with long memories will remember how in the late 1990’s the retailer got its fingers burned with a poorly organised move into delivering home furnishings. Given M&S’s past experiences (and the damage that caused to its reputation) it will be interesting to see when the details finally emerge.

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