My FedEx Delivery service arrives in Australia

The My FedEx Delivery service has been launched in Australia, and will be rolled out to seven cities beginning on Wednesday 16 December.

The service is designed to tackle the problem of missed deliveries. Where a parcel is due for delivery the customer will receive an email before delivery and can tell the My FedEx Delivery service to redirect to a work or neighbour’s address if they will not be in when the parcel is due to arrive. This service only applies to international deliveries and is the first country in the Asia Pacific region to receive the service.

The My FedEx Delivery service was trialled with 400 users in Sydney. 74% of users swapped for a more convenient time and place for delivery. With its success it will be rolled out to Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney later this month.

The service is in direct competition with other companies that use similar systems for deliveries. MyUPS is another scheme run by a direct rival, though UPS also offers the scheme for domestic deliveries, as does DPD in the UK, arguably a competitive advantage for those firms that run it on domestic as well as international deliveries.

As such this may well not be a competitive advantage for delivery companies in the coming years but rather a customer service necessity that benefits the delivery company as well as the customer. There are a large number of parcels that are undelivered on a daily basis and this costs the company wasted fuel and time. By offering the option of a different delivery date or location, so the company can minimise inconvenience to the customer and their own delivery schedules, benefitting the dispatcher and customer alike.