myDHLi expanded to 62 countries

The myDHLi freight booking platform has been expanded by DHL Global Forwarding from eight to 62 countries and new features have been added.

Online bookings and sales on the myDHLi platform grew by 56% in its first year of operation, and it has now been expanded to include road freight customers. Finally, there is to be an annual myDHLi Digital Summit with the first one last week at the DHL Innovation Centre in Troisdorf, Germany.

“For us, myDHLi translates digitalisation into customer-centricity. That’s why we put an enormous amount of work in the roll-out. Customers can easily book shipments through the platform that follows modern design principles while having full control over the quotes through 360-degree visibility. By the end of 2020 we had 1,000 customers on the platform. Now, just four months later, we have reached a new high with 3,000 customers spread across 62 countries using myDHLi as of today,” says Tim Scharwath, CEO Global Forwarding, Freight. “In light of this successful launch to market, we will continue to expand the platform by adding more languages over time.”

The myDHLI platform was launched in 2020 and allows customers to use the quote and book system, though they can now also use shipment tracking, document management as well as myDHLi Reports and Analytics. In extending the system to road freight, so customers can use most of DHL Global Forwarding’s services. Finally, the system offers the ability to offset carbon emissions on the platform, making it easier to meet CSR goals regarding the environment.

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