myHermes cuts prices for August

B2C and C2C delivery firm myHermes has announced it is running a ‘summer sale’ where it will be cutting parcel rates by up to 40%.

The price cutting event began on the 30th July and will now run until the 10th September. The price cuts will be available to customers sending a package via stores in the myHermes Parcelshop chain or booking a collection by the delivery company online.

In a statement myHermes said: “The cost of sending a medium-sized parcel weighing less than 2kg via courier collection will reduce from £4.49 to £4.09 (9%), with a 2 to 5kg parcel also dropping from £6.49 to £5.49 (15%). Meanwhile, a 5 to 10kg package will be cut from £8.49 to £6.49 (23%), whilst a 10 to 15kg parcel will now also cost £6.49 instead of the standard £10.49 (38% saving).”

myHermes ParcelShop services will also be reduced, with medium-sized parcels weighing less than 2kg being cut from £3.99 to £3.59 (10%); 2 to 5kg down from £5.99 to £4.99 (17%); 5 to 10kg parcels falling from £7.99 to £5.99 (25%); and 10kg and 15kg packages now costing 40% less (from £9.99 to £5.99).

As with so much in UK industry, the parcel sector sees a lull in the month of August ahead of the crazy rush in the coming months. It does therefore make a certain amount of sense in cutting prices to deal with the lull and hopefully even out the summer months ahead of the coming peak season.

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