myHermes testing in-store label printing system

National delivery company myHermes is testing a new scanning and printing system at over 30 myHermes ParcelShops across Leeds, that will allow customers to print their own parcel labels in-store. If this scheme works out it could be rolled out nationwide and enable more people to access the myHermes delivery network.

Customers will be able to book and pay using a mobile device and then, on receiving an email to confirm their booking they will be sent an attachment that contains a QR code. They will use their smart devices to scan the QR code in store and the printer there will distribute their label.

The company has said that it is introducing the service in response to customers’ suggestions. Where many people have smart devices on mobile networks, not everyone has a computer and printer at home and this will meet their needs.

Martijn de Lange, Chief Operating Officer at myHermes, said: “We have installed this solution at some of our busiest myHermes ParcelShops in the city of Leeds, with a view of a nationwide rollout later this year.

“Whilst smartphones and tablets continue to grow in popularity, there are still a large proportion of people that do not own a printer. Therefore, we wanted to find a solution that was convenient, accessible and easy to use. We look forward to receiving valuable customer feedback over the coming weeks.”

If the new system works, it is likely that myHermes will roll the scheme out to ParcelShops around the UK before the end of the year. This seems to be a cheap and effective method of gaining new customers, who may have known of the delivery business but until now not been able to access it due to the limitations of the technology that they have at home.