myHermes to offer carbon negative packaging

myHermes is to offer carbon negative packaging to its customers. The company, a subsidiary of low cost parcels giant Hermes, plans to do this later this year.

According to myHermes, they will be the first delivery company in the world to offer their customers the choice to send their parcels in 100% sustainable, negative carbon footprint mailing bags.

‘Carbon negative’ is a term that means that rather than putting carbon in the atmosphere in the production and use of the item described, it actually takes carbon out of the atmosphere in its use. Using carbon negative packaging could well be a good PR move, particularly for firms perceived to be polluting by stakeholders, notably in final mile delivery which is a major contributor to pollution and congestion in some cities around the world.

The carbon negative packaging has been designed and produced by the packaging manufacturer, supplier and distributor Duo UK. It uses a by-product of sugarcane known as ‘GreenPE’.

Steve Bower, Head of myHermes Service Development, said of the new packaging: “We are extremely proud to become the first company, not just across the industry, but across the whole world, to offer our customers a carbon negative mailing bag. This revolutionary product illustrates myHermes’ commitment to a sustainable future.”

Delivery companies are mindful of their carbon footprint and such packaging developed with myHermes, that removes some of the carbon put into the atmosphere through the delivery and logistics process, can only be a good thing in slowing down man made global; warming.

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