Nærboks showroom installed in Kolding Storcenter mall

As part of its national roll out of the network, Swipbox has installed a Nærboks showroom in the Kolding Storcenter shopping mall in Denmark. The unit has 13 parcel lockers and a fitting room.

At the new facility, customers can pick up and drop off parcels as well as try on fashion items they have ordered without necessarily taking them home. With many stores at the mall that the shoppers may have ordered from, they may well be able to return the non-fitting/disliked items straight away.

Allan Kaczmarek, CEO of SwipBox, says: “When people go to malls and shop, for example, on Black Friday, physical stores can grab their attention. With parcel lockers, the physical stores automatically get an extra chance to draw in shoppers, when they go to the mall to collect their great Black Friday deals from the parcel lockers.”

Swipbox say that the parcel lockers can help blur the line between online and offline shopping.

The Nærboks lockers can be installed indoors and out, greatly improving the first time delivery rate of parcels thanks to the convenience of their locations for many customers.

Lotte Vestergaard Skou, Centre Manager of DEAS A/S, says: “We are very pleased with Nærboks. Our daily focus is on creating the best possible customer experience and increasing convenience – and Nærboks fits in perfectly with our concept. The showroom makes it easy for customers as they can pick up their parcel on their way to or from work or drop in while shopping. But the showroom doesn’t only increase the convenience for customers – employees can choose to have their parcels delivered to the Nærboks parcel lockers and easily and quickly pick up their parcel after work.”

There are now 2,000 carrier-agnostic Nærboks parcel lockers in Denmark. This is set to grow to around 10,000, allowing Danes to access the network right across the country at their convenience.


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