Neopost USA pushes Postal Reform legislation

Mailroom operations solutions supplier Neopost USA has urged the US House of Representatives to review and enact the Postal Service Reform Act 2016 that emerged from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee this July.

In a statement Neopost USA explained why it wants to see the post reform legislation progress further: “The House Committee noted the need for legislation that would allow the United States Postal Service (USPS) to improve efficiency, manage burdensome pre-funded healthcare costs and streamline its governance; in essence, to function as a competitive organization.”

The statement added: “Neopost USA believes that Congressional action to enact the Postal Reform Act will yield three enormous benefits: The American people will continue to enjoy world-class postal services, dedicated postal employees will be able to manage their business professionally while ensuring the financial well-being of their families and Congress will be seen as willing and able to take care of the people’s business.”

On 19 September, Neopost USA’s Vice President, Postal Relations, and Shipping Product Management, Vincent J. DeAngelis, wrote in a letter sent to select members of the House, in which he stated: “The USPS would rank among the top 50 of the Fortune 500 if given the opportunity to function as a for-profit entity.

“A strong postal service benefits the country. Easing the Postal Service’s financial burdens will help ensure a strong future for the Postal Service, preserve 7.5 million American jobs and build upon the $1.4 trillion industry the USPS supports.”

The US lags behind many other Western countries as far as privatisation of its postal services goes. Given the poor state of its finances, the USPS needs a lot of reform before this would be possible.
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