NetDespatch report shows UK conservatism towards delivery

Royal Mail owned delivery tech company NetDespatch has released its 2019 UK Delivery Report. This shows that same-day delivery is only in slight demand in the UK with just 3% of respondents saying it is a must-have.
 Other novel offerings were not so popular too.

The NetDespatch 2019 UK Delivery Report surveyed 2013 UK adults who had received e-commerce deliveries within the last six months. The survey was carried out by Opinion Matters and looked at consumer attitudes towards delivery choices, what they want from a good delivery experience and what is actually offered.

It also found that 82% prefer home delivery, 62% within 2-5 days and 48% were not in favour of more self-service options.

Commenting on the figures, Matthew Robertson, co-CEO of NetDespatch, said, “The results expose the myth that consumers want ever-faster deliveries and multiple self-service delivery options. This should be a welcome reality check that what customers primarily want is to know that their order has been successfully taken and delivered, and when they can expect their parcel.”

Regarding a positive delivery experience, 96% said that order confirmation emails were important, 91% wanted a predicted delivery window, and 92% wanted delivery confirmations. More novel concepts like in-flight redelivery were not so important.

Robertson added, “In the light of these consumer preferences the question is whether, by focusing obsessively on delivery speed and offering more and more out-of-home options, the industry is unnecessarily setting itself up to fail? Our survey indicates that UK consumers prefer straightforward delivery-to-home in a one-to-five-day timeframe at a time that suits them. They want an accurate service that tells them when to expect their delivery. They are not looking for alternative options such as parcel locker or in-boot delivery. These have become red herrings that distract from what the customer really wants from parcel delivery.”


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