New Amazon Scout service in Southern California

After piloting the project in the Pacific Northwest, Amazon is to expand its Amazon Scout delivery robot service to Southern California.

Amazon Scout Vice President Sean Scott said in a blog post updated the public on the development of the delivery robot as well as some of the challenges it has faced. These include neighbourhood obstacles, weather as well as unexpected surprises.

“One of our favourite parts of this journey so far has been witnessing how excited customers are when they see the delivery device for the first time, and how they’ve welcomed Scout in to their neighbourhood,” Scott said in the blog post. “In the span of a week, our Ambassadors witnessed a child ask her dad for a Scout for Christmas, and another customer ask if he could hitch his two dachshunds to Scout and use it as a dog walker. While the intent of our ‘adora-bots’ is and will remain delivery, we couldn’t help but chuckle at these reactions. We have a lot of pride packed inside these cooler-sized devices and love to see such a positive reaction from the community.”

The Amazon Scout project is to work into Irvine, California. A small number of the delivery robots are to deliver parcels during weekdays and in daylight hours. According to Amazon, Irvine customers will make orders as normal and the Scout or a delivery van will deliver their packages. Initially the vehicles will be followed by an ‘Amazon Scout Ambassador’ to ensure the vehicles make it to their destinations.


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