New CFO at Omniva

From today, 20th April, Ahto Pärl has taken up the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Baltics delivery company Omniva, and is to be on the company board.

The Chair of Omniva’s board of management Ansi Arumeel said, “Since as a member of the board the CFO also plays a significant part in designing and executing the company strategy, Ahto Pärl’s experience not only as a CFO but also as the top leader in different areas is very valuable,” Arumeel said.

According to Ahto Pärl, Omniva’s fast development in international parcels and IT business domains as well as its first role as a postal service in Estonia drew him to the role. “Omniva’s capability to perform simultaneously on markets that are very traditional and have strict regulations and on new and growing markets has made an impression. This allows me to implement what I have learned and experienced in different economic sectors and to grow with the company,” Pärl said.

In previous roles Ahto Pärl has worked in a range of management positions in Estonia and the US, in the financial and production settings that include being CFO in Nordic Aviation Group AS. He has an MBA in business management from New York University and a BA in economics from the University of Tartu.