New DHL eCommerce fulfilment centre in Sydney

International logistics company DHL eCommerce has announced that it has launched a new Australian fulfilment centre in Sydney. The company says that this will “consolidate inventory management and last-mile delivery from Sydney to major cities and regional hubs around Australia”.

According to DHL eCommerce, the fulfilment centre aims to “support booming purchase volumes amongst Australia’s online shoppers”.

Damien Sheehan, Managing Director Australia, DHL eCommerce, commented: “Nearly 75% of total online spending by Australians goes to domestic retailers, with the value of e-commerce purchases expected to grow by nearly 50% between now and 2020.

“As demand rises, online retailers need to overcome the traditional problems associated with shipping orders Australia-wide – particularly the significant distances between major cities that they need to traverse – if they want to maintain their competitive edge.

“The addition of our Australian Fulfillment Center gives our customers a far simpler, streamlined approach to managing inventory and last-mile deliveries, allowing them to focus squarely on satisfying their customers both during the check-out and shipment process.

Charles Brewer, CEO DHL eCommerce, added: “E-commerce has gone borderless, and order fulfillment needs to do the same. Our Australian facility adds another node to our standardized global network of fulfillment centers, eliminating the need for e-commerce merchants to hunt for new logistics partners as they look to expand their global reach.”

E-commerce doesn’t respect national boundaries, with a sizeable proportion of those in the business exporting within a very short time of starting trading. DHL eCommerce knows this, and is going head to head with the likes of Amazon in providing the scale and support required for accurate and reliable fulfilment of orders, wherever they go around the world.  
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