New online-only supermarket Rayon launches in Belgium

A new online-only supermarket called Rayon has launched in Belgium. Following a similar model to the UK’s Ocado in its early days, Smartmat owned Rayon aims to deliver groceries to any household in Belgium.

Rayon will deliver groceries three days a week and is charging far less per delivery than any other supermarket at just €4.95.

Smartmat currently runs a successful pre-made frozen meal delivery business called Foodbag and Rayon will use the same delivery network as its sister company. Foodbag currently delivers its meals to 10,000 families every week and has 30% of the Belgian market. 

Manager of Rayon, Mattias Decuypere said of the launch, “Fresh food is the next wave in e-commerce, after electronics and clothing. We already see it in prepared meals: chips used to get picked up at the chip shop, but are now increasingly delivered to people’s homes. More people will also have their groceries delivered to their homes to save time.”

In the UK, online supermarket Ocado has been in operation for many years, but until it turned to a partnership with firstly Waitrose and now Marks & Spencer never became very profitable. It has also moved into fulfilment technology solutions, selling its robot customer fulfilment centres to supermarket giants around the world. Rayon may have seen an opportunity that was not there in the very early days of Ocado, and could yet ride the wave of supermarket deliveries that hasn’t abated much since the pandemic began.

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