New organisational structure for SingPost

Reflecting the change in the markets that the international mail operator is facing as well as the major directions the business is heading, Singapore Post (SingPost) has announced a new organisational structure to help meet the demands of its business.

The company is focusing on e-commerce as a growth industry but is also working on better integrating the company’s global acquisitions that it has made to further its interests as a whole. Lim Ho Kee, SingPost Chairman said of the reorganisation, “SingPost started transforming its business from 2003. Despite the success we have had in developing an e-commerce business, we must now focus on integrating our global acquisitions and investments in postal operations.”

There are four pillars of the new company structure, with key individuals running them:

E-commerce will be run by CEO (SP e-commerce) Marcelo Wesseler. SingPost has recently bought Jagged Peak and TradeGlobal, and with this acquisition Wesseler will relocate from Singapore to the US to operate the wider SingPost business from a base there.

Woo Keng Leong will now be CEO (Postal Services) and will focus on the development of this side of the business, to include international postal operations. In the statement announcing the reorganisation, SingPost stated it, “remains committed to its service obligations and service quality as the Public Postal Licensee of Singapore”.

Dr Sascha Hower, Group Chief Operating Officer of SingPost and CEO of Quantium Solutions, will oversee the transformation of SingPost’s global e-commerce logistics business, and development of the company’s interests in Australia.

Mervyn Lim, currently Sing Post’s CFO will be appointed as Deputy Group CEO (Corporate Services). This deals with the company as a whole, including post merger integration, investor relations and human resources among other things.

The new business model is designed to help reflect the company’s new format and interests around the world, and is intended to help it drive into the new markets signalled by its recent acquisitions.