New Renault Trucks range of e-trucks

Renault Trucks has become the latest lorry manufacturer to announce a range of heavy electric vehicles (HEVs), to be launched in 2019.

The new Renault Trucks HEVs are designed to be used in urban and semi-rural areas.

Up until now, the company has quietly been carrying out real-world tests on a number of platforms including 12 tonners and 16 tonners. The Renault HEV test clients include Speed Distribution for Guerlain, Stef for Carrefour, Delanchy Group and Nestle.

According to Renault Trucks the tests have included work on conditions of use, battery behvious, recharging facilities and the maintenance requirements specific to HEVs.

The truck manufacturer launched the 4.5 tonne Maxity in 2010.

“Our commercial experience with the Electric Maxity has enabled us to bring our network up to speed on selling, servicing and repairing electric vehicles,” said Fran├žois Savoye who is in charge of Renault Trucks’ energy efficiency strategy.

“Today’s electric vehicles are a competitive solution, which was not the case in 2010.”

The all Renault Trucks HEVs will be produced at the Renault Trucks plant at Blainville-sur-Orne in Normandy, where it is installing a dedicated assembly line.

One of the issues common to major truck manufacturers other than Tesla is range. Due to the specific conditions under which Tesla will ‘give away’ its patents to other firms, its competitors are still trying to reinvent the wheel and they can’t match Tesla’s range. This is largely why Tesla has very little competition, even while offering access with strings attached to its patents.