New Swiss Hazardous Goods facility opened by ASM Aerosol-Service

A new hazardous goods facility has been opened by ASM Aerosol-Service in Mohlin, Switzerland. The warehouse is claimed to meet safety requirements including protection against explosion for the protection of employees, the environment and the public.

Each bay has sprinklers that can drop foam, as well as gas detectors, temperature controlled air exchange and an air extraction system. Forklifts at the facility are also explosion proof. Goods will be able to be stored at between -5 degrees C to plus 20 degrees C.

The new facility expands the storage capacity of the company to 3,000 storage spaces from 2,000, meeting greater customer demand in the hazardous goods market.

Chief Operating Officer Lukas Mundwiler said of the expansion, “With the new hazardous goods warehouse, we can now meet the increasing demands and capacities of our customers’ products and offer potential customers an additional service for storing products.”