New Tech Academy at Australia Post

In an attempt to tackle a skills and employment gap in the industry, Australia Post has developed a Tech Academy that is aimed at training talent from a diverse background.

The new development program is aimed at anyone with a keen interest in developing a career in the technology sector. Those applying do not have to have a tech background, and can include return to work parents, and those with non-technical skills.

The Tech Academy is a partnership between Australia Post and Coder Academy. It will initially take on 20 applicants who will receive on-the-job training and industry placements with Australia Post’s tack and digital spaces.

The first card I will begin in February 2019. They will receive a 12 week tech Boot Camp, the two week placement across the postal operator’s retail and operation sectors, followed by four five-month tech rotations and will have opportunities for ongoing employment with a tech or digital
at the conclusion of the two-year period.

Australia Post Chief Information Officer, John Cox, said:

“We know the tech industry is continuously growing and demand for talent is increasing. Meeting employment shortages within the sector has become increasingly challenging.

“This program is open to anyone, regardless of technical backgrounds, including veterans, mid-career professionals, and graduates.”

Mr Cox said Australia Post is looking to grow its tech and digital capabilities, by developing talent in emerging technologies such as machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain.

“Companies abroad have received high acclaim for their ability to deliver a workforce in line with future organisational needs and diversity, and we want to bring that to Australia Post.

“We are hoping this program will set the standard across the country, and will attract people who want to learn and have a strong sense of community, to help us improve the way we deliver our products and services for our customers.”