New weight bands for myHermes customers

Delivery firm myHermes has changed its weight bands for the parcels customers send, saying that the changes will make it easier for customers to compare prices with those of competitors.

Until now, myHermes customers have had a complicated system where shipping costs rise as the weight of the parcel increases. There have been 15 weight bands from up to 1kg to up to 15kg. Now there are two categories that should cover most shipments – ‘0-2kg Small’ and ‘0-2kg Medium’.

Parcels under 2kgs that are equal or less than 45x35x16cm in length will be able to use the smaller category, while bulkier items will go in the Medium band. Prices will remain the same as the current systems, while myHermes will offer a range of other benefits including track and trace, as well as free parcel cover up to the value of £25. According to the company, this “surpasses what is offered by many other service providers”.

Eoin Kenneally, Head of Ecommerce at myHermes, said: “This adjustment brings our parcel weight bands in line with many of our competitors and will therefore provide sole traders, SMEs and independent retailers with the ability to better compare shipping costs.

“By enhancing transparency across the marketplace, we will ensure more consumers can benefit from the true value for money offered by myHermes’ range of services.”

Royal Mail has had a similar scheme in place for quite some time, and this is presumably the reference point that myHermes has when referring to other competitors. Heading toward the double peak season of Christmas and Black Friday, such changes may well help the company in the big fight that’s about to happen for customers…