New York City council institutes micro delivery hub legislation

New York City’s council has passed a number of local regulations that are designed to reduce traffic chaos brought about by delivery vans.

One of these is to order the city Department of Transportation to mark out loading-only parking spot in every neighbourhood and to develop micro-distribution centres. These micro hubs are where larger vehicles will park and have smaller vehicles such as e-cargo-bikes deliver parcels the ‘final yard’ to addresses nearby, as other cities around the world have done.

Five of these dedicated parking zones must be installed per neighbourhood per year over three years to achieve a total target of 1,500 across New York City.

“We have to recognise the dynamics of our streets and how things have changed, especially when it comes to how people receive their goods — which is mostly through packages and so forth,” said Council Member Antonio Reynoso (D-Brooklyn), the bill’s sponsor.

At the same time local bylaws will be instituted to enforce the loading-only parking spaces, preventing vehicles with city parking permits from using them other than to load and unload.