New Zealand Post – could online shopping have changed forever?

According to new data from New Zealand Post, online shopping increased by 105% after the height of the pandemic there. This could well have permanent effects on the way New Zealanders shop.

In late April, Kiwis spent more than $200 million (£100.91 million) online as the pandemic moved to Alert Level 3 as soon as online retail opened. After Level 3 was instituted, ‘non-essential’ items could be delivered to shoppers, and as a result New Zealand Post handled more than 3.5 million parcels in the first two weeks – around 200 parcels a minute.  

“While this surge dropped off as life started to return to normal and more ‘bricks and mortar’ shops began to open, online shopping remains about 30% up on this time last year, with early indications signalling that COVID-19 has forever changed the way Kiwis shop,” said Chris Wong, General Manager of Business Marketing, New Zealand Post. “Buying your groceries and other everyday items online and having them delivered has become the new norm for many.

“Not being able to pop out to the shops meant that Kiwis looked online if there was something they needed, or wanted, to buy. Our research shows over 170,000 adult New Zealanders shopped online for the first time during the first six months of 2020. We saw people in the 60 plus age category take to online shopping, with a 62% increase in this group shopping online for just the month of May*.

“One of the trends Kiwi retailers will be most happy about has been the continuation to buy local, with domestic online sales making up 71% of all online shopping. This is a trend that we expect to see in the months ahead, particularly as the rest of the world continues to deal with the pandemic.”

NZ Post is the largest delivery business for online shopping in New Zealand. “We’ve undertaken this research because NZ Post is committed to helping New Zealand businesses grow and strengthen their eCommerce presence,” said Wong.