New Zealand Post imported parcel delays

Airline capacity and bad weather has delayed imported parcel deliveries into New Zealand according to New Zealand Post.

The UK based online bookseller The Book Depository had highlighted the delays in delivery on its website, which alerted the country’s public to the issue.

A spokesperson for New Zealand Post said that there had been delays in parcel imports in July due to lower-than-required airline capacity and poor weather conditions.

“These have been isolated events and we have worked with those affected to ensure that they could provide up-to-date information to their customers,” she said.

New Zealand Post’s aircraft had also had engineering issues in the last fortnight, leading to delays in deliveries of some parcels. These problems have been resolved.

“We operate a fleet of three 737-400 jet aircraft, two of which were undergoing engineering maintenance at the same time…in the meantime, we chartered an aircraft from Australia and also put additional vehicles on the road to help,” the spokesperson said. A fourth 737 aircraft would be added to the fleet in October..


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