New Zealand Post – Online shopping boomed in Q4

In a new analysis of online shopping, New Zealand Post has released a blog showing that Q4 of 2021 was the biggest online shopping quarter on record.

According the postal operator, New Zealanders spent NZD $2.5bn (£1.22 billion) online in the quarter, a 45% growth in spending year on year, and up over a billion dollars (£490 million) on 2020. 

The online shopping festivals of Singles Day and Cyber Weekend helped drive growth, with the majority of the increased spend in the last three months of 2021.

Online shopping wasn’t solely to the cost of reduced high street shopping, which only lost 3% of business to online shopping. The quarter saw a 2% growth in retail sales, online and offline, with online shopping accounting for 14% of total spend. The pandemic did however reduce footfall in high street stores.

The growth in online spend has gone from 9% in Q4 2019 to 10% in the same period in 2020, to 14% this last quarter. For the postal operator and its rival parcel delivery businesses, this can only be a good thing for revenues and profits.

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