New Zealand Post tests electric courier vans

New Zealand Post is to buy five electric vans in a pilot to assess their suitability as courier vans.

The postal operator is buying the vehicles with assistance from New Zealand’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Agency (EECA)’s Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund. The pilot is to give courier drivers experience of driving and electric van with the intention of letting the couriers themselves can consider purchasing or leasing their own.

New Zealand Post have released a statement where the postal operator said that the electric vans will be used at courier depot and delivery branches at a number of different locations around the UK.

New Zealand Post Sustainability Specialist Sam Bridgman says this initiative is intended to help towards mainstreaming electric vans in their courier fleet.

“We would like to thank the EECA in helping us with this funding. In addition to our other low carbon initiatives, these vehicles will help us develop new ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the mail we deliver”.

New Zealand Post has over 1,000 vans and already has the largest roadworthy electric vehicle fleet in the country with the electric Paxster delivery vehicles.

Some of the largest vehicle fleets in the world are owned and run by last mile delivery companies and should the take up of electric vans globally take off as well as private EV cars, then this should significantly tackle global carbon emissions.

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