Nightline benefits from UK e-commerce

Irish delivery company Nightline has reported a massive jump in parcel volumes in a large part due to the success of UK e-commerce companies selling to customers in Eire.

The company reported a 30% increase in annual parcel volumes with a significant proportion of this coming from UK retailers who seem to have made the Irish company their preferred carrier for goods heading into Ireland.

2015 has been the best year in Nightline’s 23 year history according to the Chief Executive of the business, John Tuohy. He said of the rush in demand for his company’s services, “It’s been a tremendous year with an increase in parcel traffic not merely confined to the pre-Christmas peak but spread across the year.”

Tuohy continued, “Over the last 12 months, we have become the carrier partner of choice for more UK retailers selling to Irish shoppers and, in turn, they have made great strides in terms of sales to the Republic.

“Greater parity between the Euro and Sterling, coupled with the way that we can tackle the high cost of direct shipping between the UK and Ireland, has also made it an even more attractive form of shopping for consumers.”

The delivery company now employs 800 people across a network of 11 depots, with plans “firmly in place” to expand the business in the coming months and years. The company is handling 1.2 million parcels a month though this Christmas it expects to see volumes doubling for the festive period.

Ecommerce companies in the UK almost always end up exporting their goods, and the Irish Republic is a favourite destination due to similarities in language and culture. With the strong growth in the industry, everyone in the supply line benefits.