Nightline sees “Brexit bonus”

Irish delivery company Nightline has said that it has seen parcel volumes passing through its Parcel Motel division increase by 25% in the five months after the UK Brexit vote, bringing what it terms a ‘Brexit bonus’ ahead of the traditional holiday peak season.

Nightline Group’s CEO and co-founder John Tuohy said that the company is trading “well ahead of expectations”, as more Irish consumers have chosen to shop with UK brands because a shift in currency rates as a result of the ‘Brexit’ has provided them with better value.

The news is the latest in good news for Nightline, and is only weeks after the company announced that it is to invest another €3 million in services and infrastructure.

Tuohy added: “It’s impossible to overestimate the impact which the ‘Brexit’ is having on demand for UK goods among Irish shoppers as a whole and, in particular, those using Parcel Motel.

“The Euro has strengthened considerably against Sterling since June and that has made a significant difference in terms of the affordability of goods.

“At the end of October, we were hitting volumes through Parcel Motel which we would normally only expect to see at the end of November – almost the high point of the entire pre-Christmas period – and parcel traffic shows every sign of continuing to increase.

“The amount of goods which we’re now handling fully justifies our decision to further expand our infrastructure, making us even better equipped to cope with the demands of shoppers across the Republic of Ireland and service our retail clients in the UK and elsewhere.”

The Parcel Motel locker network allows consumers to route purchases made from British retailers through Nightline’s Belfast depot to local terminals, thereby avoiding the costs associated with shipping direct to the Republic by capitalising on free UK delivery.

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