Nightline sees UK – Ireland delivery boom

Irish overnight delivery company the Nightline Group has announced that it has seen a 10% rise in the number of parcels sent from UK retailers to Irish customers in the six months since it launched a next day delivery service to Ireland.

Nightline UK’s Sales Director Dean Lycett has said that providing brands with the ability to fulfil Ireland’s fast growing appetite for e-commerce more quickly than before has caused an upsurge in orders and has won the company new clients.

“It hasn’t escaped the attention of the UK’s major retail names that the volume of online sales in Ireland is increasing at a faster rate than anywhere else in the EU,” said Lycett.

“Irish consumers are not just buying more goods but want their purchases even more speedily and that’s been reflected in the response to those brands with which we’ve been working.

“Since we began offering a next-day service for existing clients, we’ve been approached by more retailers seeking the same kind of support.

“That has, in turn, fuelled considerable extra numbers of individuals subscribing to our Parcel Motel service, underlining how speed and convenience are key elements of the rising appeal of online shopping to Irish customers.”

He also said that Nightline’s operations schedule has allowed it to make evening collections to get deliveries to consumers across Ireland the next day, and this is supported with its 12 strong network of depots spanning the island.

Nightline has seen parcel volumes hit 15 million items over the last year. In addition subscriber numbers for the Parcel Motel locker terminal network has now increased to around 250,000.

Lycett also noted that consumers have taken to Nightline’s Parcel Pilot, which gives them greater clarity as to when home deliveries will arrive and allows them to make ‘in-flight’ redirections to their local Parcel Motel.