Nike opens new pan EU distribution facility

Global sportswear giant Nike has opened a new distribution facility in Belgium that it hopes with better reach its customers from a central location in Europe. The European logistics campus will enable the company to serve customers of, Nike Retail and wholesale partners in 38 countries from a single location.

The new facility will employ 3000 people and it receives energy from five sustainable, local energy sources including solar, geothermal, biomass, and hydroelectric.

The sportswear company has said that the latest investment in a modern, centralised distribution network in Belgium allows it to serve a network of retailers as well as consumers not only in the EU but around the world.

Nike COO Eric Sprunk said of the new centre, “Globally, we ship more than one billion units of footwear, apparel and equipment every year, which demands an agile, innovative and sustainable supply chain.

“The expansion of our European Logistics Campus demonstrates our commitment to bring the full range of Nike products to consumers more quickly, where and when they want it – whether it’s one pair of Flyknit shoes or a 10,000-item order for a retailer.”

Nike Europe supply chain operations vice president Bert Stevens added, “Our facilities in Belgium are a pinnacle example of how sustainable innovation is embedded into Nike’s growth strategy, which enables us to maximize our performance while minimizing our footprint.”

With the EU’s ever improving logistics infrastructure, major brands are investing in distribution centres that in turn have a far greater reach across the continent. Nike’s investment is a case in point, with goods being able to be distributed right across the continent with relative ease.