Ninja Van collaborates with Google Cloud

SE Asian delivery giant Ninja Van has announced it is using the open-cloud Google Cloud infrastructure to streamline and expand its public facing IT systems.

Ninja Van’s collaboration with Google Cloud will amongst other things allow its to handle more than ten times the website traffic it has on a typical day. Shopping festivals like Singles Day cause spikes like this, and with very strong e-commerce growth in the region, its website has to be able to cope with future growth. Thanks to being an open-cloud platform, Ninja Van’s IT team will be able to spend more time at looking at products that will add value to the business as opposed to managing IT infrastructure.

One of the outcomes of the collaboration is Ninja Van’s team were able to create a fully operating chatbot within a month using Google’s pre-built virtual agents, as against a typical development period of three.

Shaun Chong, co-founder and chief technology officer at Ninja Van, said, “Retailers have shifted toward e-commerce strategies as opposed to selling through physical stores, especially with the pandemic forcing consumers to shop online more than ever before. With disruptions to the traditional flow of raw materials and finished goods, there’s also an urgent need for adaptive micro supply chains that allow businesses to ‘make where they sell’ and fulfill orders quicker. We chose Google Cloud because of its proven ability to help us scale reliably and innovate at high velocity, as we address the region’s end-to-end logistics management needs.

“Having benefited from security solutions that are designed by default into Google Cloud’s infrastructure, such as end-to-end encryption and automated patching against vulnerabilities like Apache Log4j 2, we will now work with Google Cloud’s security specialists on additional ways to reinforce our zero-trust security model.”

Ruma Balasubramanian, managing director of Google Cloud in Southeast Asia, said, “We’re proud to have played a part in Ninja Van becoming a leading end-to-end logistics management provider and one of the most admired technology unicorns. By investing in world-class talent and relentless innovation, the company is well-positioned to deliver the just-in-time production and distribution capabilities that businesses need to satisfy contemporary consumers’ desire for product variety and immediacy. Google Cloud will continue to uphold our high standards in reliability, collaboration, openness and security, as we support Ninja Van’s vision of connecting Southeast Asia to a world of commerce possibilities.”

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