Ninja Van Malaysia opens new hub warehouse

DPDgroup owned Ninja Van Malaysia has opened its newest and largest ever warehouse, in Shah Alam. The 260,000 square foot hub will be able to handle up to 800,000 parcels daily at peak times.

“At Ninja Van Malaysia, we are constantly innovating and developing better infrastructure for increased speed and efficiency. Equipped with the latest sorting technology and equipment, our new warehouse is in line with our plans to deliver delight and speed to customers. This is why we’ve also recently started our 7-day operations schedule across the country,” said Adzim Halim, CEO of Ninja Van Malaysia.

Ninja Van Malaysia has invested heavily in its infrastructure, growing its fleet by 80% thanks to a 98% increase in volumes since 2020. The warehouse is the firm’s latest investment and has automation equipment for sorting and processing, allowing for a high throughput of parcels every day. Ninja Van expect to handle 400,000 parcels daily at the Shah Alam warehouse outside of the peak season, when volumes are projected to double.

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