Nuro improves delivery robot

US autonomous last mile delivery robot makers Nuro have unveiled its newest delivery robot. It will be able to carry around 24 bags of groceries and travel at up to 45mph.

The two compartments on the Nuro delivery robot have 27 square feet of capacity each – far more than rivals Starship that use semi-autonomous robots on roads all over the world. It has optional extras including a refrigeration unit.

One of the improvements to the old machine is a range of safety features including a pedestrian airbag to reduce the risks associated with collision. Nuro have also reduced the vehicle width by 20% to give more road and path space around the robot for pedestrians and cyclists.

“Our next-generation vehicle is designed to safely operate in the same environment as all motor vehicles,” Nuro added in an announcement today. “That allows us to serve a wide variety of geographies that experience various weather conditions throughout the year.”

Nuro was valued at $8.6 billion at its last funding round in November when it raised $600 million in funding from a number of investors including Google and SoftBank. It is building a manufacturing facility in Nevada and will use some of the money raised to build a special test track for the vehicles.

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