nuVizz Marketplace goes live

US based last mile delivery and transportation SaaS platform nuVizz has launched nuVizz Marketplace, for shippers and carriers to link up.

The nuVizz Marketplace harnesses the company’s network of shippers and carriers across the United States and allows them to connect, negotiate contracts and have their goods delivered. For carriers can find new sources for their existing capacity. Both shippers and carriers will find a seamless experience from shipment to delivery using the nuVizz Marketplace.

According to Guru Rao, CEO of nuVizz, “The delivery & transportation has seen a big shift and the recent events have added unprecedented new demand stretching the supply sources. The challenge is not the lack of demand or supply, but the fragmented nature of it. At nuVizz, we have solved the chicken or egg problem with our huge network of carriers & transportation providers and shippers & trip sources actively using our platform for managing their operations and gaining visibility. On top of it, our platform supports all kinds of delivery & transportation operations from delivery logistics of furniture, appliance, pharmacy, medical supplies, food and grocery etc., healthcare transportation and transit. The need for consolidation of demand & supply is not just within siloed verticals but across verticals and the platform has done that effectively for the last 10 years..”

Rao continued, “…the Marketplace is a unique solution that helps delivery & transportation stakeholders across verticals leverage their assets better and find new partners to work with. And, you don’t need to find another partner to run your operations. Once a match is established, shippers and carriers are connected on the platform for seamless execution and visibility. We are excited to see our vision of a single platform for all delivery & transportation needs across multiple verticals come to fruition with the nuVizz Marketplace. It creates new opportunities to all stakeholders and help them weather the storm and grow in the new normal delivery & transportation world”.