NZ Post sees record breaking volumes in run-up to Christmas

Ahead of Christmas, New Zealand’s NZ Post is delivering nine parcels a second across the country. The postal operator estimates it will handle around two million parcels this week.

NZ Post COO Brendon Main said, “Last week we delivered about 2.3 million parcels, and this week we’re expecting to deliver almost 2 million. We’ll be the last van in the driveway before Santa arrives.”

“We’ve brought on as much extra capacity as we possibly can to meet the huge demand for parcel delivery that we’ve seen this year.

“We’ve brought on hundreds of extra people, we’ve extended our operating hours and are processing 24/7, and we’ve re-designed our Auckland network to get parcels where they need to be as fast as we can.”

Looking to international parcels, there have been problems due to factors beyond NZ Post’s control. Mains continued, “But Kiwis should be aware that there are ongoing delays with parcels coming into New Zealand from overseas due to a lack of flights available, which is outside our control.

“We’re expecting some parcels, including some coming from Australia, to take longer to get into New Zealand than we’d like.”

Parcel volumes started breaking records in August and these have increased again in the run-up to Christmas.

“Even compared to last lockdown in 2020, we’ve never seen anything like this before,” Main said.

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