NZ Post subsidises contractors electric van purchases

New Zealand Post (NZ Post) has announced a plan to subsidise contractors’ purchases of low emissions vehicles as part of the postal operator’s drive to become carbon neutral by 2030.

“After COVID-19, climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time and NZ Post is committed to making enduring and long-lasting change,” says NZ Post Chief Executive, and Climate Change Coalition Steering Group member, David Walsh.

One of the key means of achieving carbon neutrality to replace its fleet with electric vehicles. The new fund is to support contractors to follow.

“NZ Post already has the largest fleet of electric vehicles in the country, the Paxsters, but most of our delivery drivers are contractors – which means they own their own vehicles and businesses. For many, while an electric vehicle costs far less to run, the initial purchasing cost can be a barrier. Because of this, we’re making up to half a million dollars available each year to help our drivers invest in eco-friendly vans.”

Infrastructure is always an issue where it comes to EVs. As such NZ Post is installing charging stations at its depots that the same contractors will have access to. It is also supporting drivers to look at Total Cost of Ownership research.

“We’re keen to financially support as many of our delivery contractors to get into electric vehicles as we can. We know that there is not an electric vehicle suitable for every type of delivery operation at the moment, which is why this incentive scheme will be in place until at least 25% of our contracted drivers are in electric vehicles. We are targeting to reach this goal by 2025. This allows our contractors to take advantage of the bigger range of electric vans that will be coming into New Zealand over the next few years.

“NZ Post is absolutely committed to a sustainable future for New Zealand and we’re proud to be making innovative change that will have long term benefits for our environment.”