NZ Post to test Amazon style delivery Shipmate subscription service

NZ Post is testing a new scheme whereby online shoppers can pay an upfront fee and then can have an unlimited number of deliveries at no extra charge from retailers that are participating in the Shipmate delivery service.

Brendan Thawley, New Zealand Post’s head of Customer Strategy, said of the Shipmate service: “We’re excited about this new innovation in the New Zealand market and are delighted that four of The Warehouse Group’s brands will be the first to offer the service to their customers.

“A shared problem for both parcel senders and receivers is that often consumers want to buy small things online but the cost of shipping is too high relative to the purchase. We’re working to deliver solutions for both of these groups.”

Thawley said that the Shipmate service is “deliberately starting small – with a maximum of 5000 customers ” and away from a peak period such as Christmas to give NZ Post and The Warehouse opportunity to learn more.

Shipmate will initially run for a two-month period. Registrations are now open, and are being taken until 13 August. The delivery service starts on 14 August.

This service isn’t unlike the Amazon Prime scheme, which encourages shoppers to use Amazon due to ‘free’ delivery after paying an annual fee. Quite like Amazon’s FBA service, it will benefit those retailers who are signed up to it too, so there is an incentive from both sides – retailers to encourage customers into the scheme for ‘free delivery’ and then the incentive is there for customers once through the door. No other postal operator has tried this before and it will be interesting to see how this benefits all those involved.

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