Ocado Group no longer a grocer

Ocado Group has had permission from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to stop being recognised as a ‘grocer’ as it moves its focus from online retail to robotics and software. 

The decision was made by the CMA as Ocado Group no longer carries out the retail supply of groceries in the UK, and those activities are now carried out by Ocado Retail independently.

Ocado Group no longer has sole control over the operations of Ocado Retail and no longer meets the turnover threshold of £1 billion in retail supply of groceries in the UK.

The move comes after Ocado Group sold a 50% stake in Ocado Retail to Marks & Spencer in February. The joint venture is set to begin when Ocado’s sourcing agreement with Waitrose ends in September next year.

As a result of the CMAs ruling Ocado Group has been de-designated as a grocer under the Groceries (Supply Chain Practices) Market Investigation Order 2009.

In July, after revealing H1 results, Ocado Group chief executive Tim Steiner said: “…the centre of gravity at Ocado Group has shifted. Our exciting new joint venture with M&S creates further growth opportunities for both parties in the UK and allows Ocado Group to increase focus on growing our Ocado Solutions business and innovating for our partners.”


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