Ocado to lease 29 CNG HGVs

Ocado has announced it is to take on 29 Iveco Stralis NP, CNG powered tractor units. It is believed that the purchase is the biggest CNG tractor unit lease or purchase by any UK company so far.

Five of the vehicles will go straight into operation at the Ocado site Dordon near Tamworth.

Twenty four more are to go into operation later in 2018 when a specially built CNG refuelling facility will be opened by partner company Gasrec at the Hatfield CFC.

Stuart Skingsley of Ocado, said: “We were immediately attracted to the Stralis NP when it was launched as it appeared to be the step change in technology that would drive gas powered trucks to a new place in the market. The demonstrator vehicle received positive feedback from our drivers, and our own experience driving the vehicle was also positive.

“The green credentials of this vehicle are clear, and once we had reviewed the fuel costs against our existing diesel fleet it was clear there was also a cost benefit to running these cleaner, quieter vehicles.”

The vehicles were supplied by Guest Truck and Van on a five year lease. The Stralis NP is powered by a Cursor 9 Euro VI natural gas engine which doesn’t require any diesel or petrol-derived fuel, and benefits from a maintenance-free and AdBlue-free after-treatment system. It delivers the same output of 400 hp and 1,700 Nm torque as its diesel equivalent.

Each vehicle emits 50 per cent less NOx emissions, 95 per cent less particulate matter versus Euro VI limits, and 95 per cent less CO2 when using compressed biomethane.