Ocean Thermonet launched by DHL

A new product has been launched by DHL Global Forwarding for biotech and pharmaceutical products called DHL Ocean Thermonet. The new system has been designed for 24/7 monitoring of temperature sensitive and biotech products.

The ocean freight solution will ensure cargo safety and integrity by intervening at short notice in case of incidents. It corresponds with the service level of the DHL Air Thermonet standard that has been in operation for some time.

According to DHL the system features SmartSensor technology, and Ocean Thermonet is said to offer seamless temperature visibility throughout the supply chain and round the clock proactive monitoring and intervention based on pre-determined touch points.

The Ocean Thermonet sensors constantly measure temperature, humidity and location parameters, while data transfer takes place in real time through GSM network.

Customers can retrieve the actively transmitted information at any time via the LifeTrack website or mobile app solution. It provides shipment details comprising of routing, movement milestones, as well as any interventions. It will also inform the user of any measures taken, once the key logistical events are completed or after detecting potential irregularities.

DHL Global Forwarding life sciences and healthcare global head Nigel Wing said, “Based on an increasing demand from customers, we are now extending our Thermonet offering with DHL Ocean Thermonet, addressing the need for a transparent, compliant, consistent and reliable temperature controlled ocean transportation in the Life Sciences industry.”

Given the temperature sensitive nature of many pharmaceutical or life sciences cargoes, they have traditionally used air freight for international deliveries. This new system may make the slower but cheaper option of sea freight more viable and thereby encourage more biosciences products and pharmaceuticals to go by sea instead of by air.