Omniva – Baltic e-commerce boom

The closure of Baltic shopping centres has caused a substantial increase in postal volumes for Estonian postal operator Omniva.

Lithuania’s shopping centres have closed, leading to Omniva’s parcel volumes to exceed that of last Christmas.

Head of parcels business Andre Veskimeister said, “We can say that another Christmas is coming. In Lithuania, where shopping centres were closed some time ago, our parcel volumes have increased by 70% compared with last year and 15% compared with the last Christmas record.”

In the last week, Estonian parcel volumes have grown by 30% in one week, and domestic parcel volumes are now at record levels. More and more bricks-and-mortar businesses are going to online channels and this is impacting the parcel network.

Veskimeister said, “To deal with the high volume of parcels, we will apply similar measures as last Christmas period. We will fill the parcel machines several times a day, ask our customers to pick up the parcel as soon as possible and, if necessary, redirect parcels from a full machine to an empty one.”

He estimates that around 85% of national parcels are being delivered the next day with the remainder the day after that. Customers can also help the flow: “We also ask our customers to pick up their shipments from the parcel machines as soon as possible. Only this is way we can ensure that the next customers will receive their parcels quickly as well.”