Omniva extending parcel locker network

Baltic and Estonian delivery company Omniva has announced it has begun expanding its Beltic parcel network as of this week.

During the coming peak season, Omniva is to install 63 new parcel lockers to the Baltic network, while 100 existing parcel lockers will be extended. Of these, eight new parcel lockers will be installed in Estonia, 30 will be added in Latvia and 25 in Lithuania. At least 37 parcel lockers in Estonia will be expanded as will be another 100 across the rest of the Baltics.

In a statement Omniva Board Member Ansi Arumeel said that the parcel locker expansion is gaining extra momentum. He explained that over the next 5 years, Omniva is to invest more than €20m into expanding their Baltic parcel locker network. In September this year, the company selected three suppliers in the framework of an international procurement; these suppliers will be providing parcel lockers to Omniva in the future.

“Next year, we can expand the network with new parcel lockers even quicker,” confirmed Arumeel. “The opportunity to purchase different types of parcel lockers will help us bring our services even closer to people.

“By Christmas, Estonia will have a total of 132 Omniva parcel machines, which will be the largest parcel machine in Estonia and in the Baltics. If we add post offices to those, there will be 444 pick-up points in Estonia.”
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