Omniva extends international transit sorting network

Estonian postal operator Omniva has opened a new, international transit sorting centre close to Kaunas in the closed customs zone of the city’s airport. The new centre is to sort international e-commerce shipments, predominantly from China, that are destined for a number of countries around the world.

This is the fifth such hub with others in London, Amsterdam, Hachenburg (Germany) and Tallinn. Additionally the international transit segment of Omniva has a contact centre in Bangladesh.

“The new sorting centre will handle more than 10 million shipments a year,” said Omniva head of international transit area, Sven Kukemelk. “For this facility, we have developed our own sorting software that is tailored to the sorting needs of international transit.”

Omniva will continue its international transit sorting in Tallinn. “Baltics is the home market for Omniva. Thus, operating simultaneously in Kaunas and Tallinn is efficient. Alongside the new hub, Tallinn will surely remain as an important logistics hub,” Kukemelk added.