Omniva goes solar in Tallinn

The new Omniva logistics Centre in Tallinn has installed 10,000 m² of solar panels on the roof of the centre. The 1667 monocrystalline panels make the solar farm one of the biggest Estonian Solar panel parks installed on the roof of a company’s buildings for their own use.

According to Omniva it takes a socially responsible approach to renewable energy, wherever possible using green energy for sorting parcels of mail at its logistics centres. As the parcels and postal operator points out, there is financial benefits to doing this too.

In Estonia, some 16.8% of its electricity generation is from renewable energy sources, 1% of which is from solar installations. Something around 1200 solar power stations generate electricity in the country.

The use of renewable energy is gaining popularity – 16.8% of electricity in Estonia comes from renewable sources of energy and 1% of that has been created by using solar power. There are a little over 1,200 solar power stations connected to the network in Estonia.