Omniva sees big jump in income and profits

Estonian postal operator saw an almost 25% jump in operating income in the first financial quarter by comparison to the same period in 2020.

Operating income was €39.5 million and profits hit €7 million – a 330% jump on 2020. E-commerce parcels in both the Baltics and international deliveries led to this.

Member of the management board of Omniva said that this improvement in fortunes came from the postal operator’s ability to meet the sudden spike in demand from the pandemic. “This is the major effort of all employees, well-planned work and prior investments into the logistics centre and expanding the parcel machine network,” Viikberg said. 

As reported by Apex Insight yesterday, some of this came from extending its parcel locker network but also adding staff to meet demand.

“The current requirements for providing universal postal service and for the quality requirements were set before the parcel machines. At the same time, Estonia is the leader when it comes to parcel machine numbers and the clients prefer using contact-free services. We are constantly receiving requests from local governments and communities for installing parcel machines, proposals on how the postal network should consider the client’s preferences and modern technological options,” Viikberg said.

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