Omniva stores multiple parcels per cell of parcel lockers

Estonian carrier Omniva has developed a means of storing multiple parcels for one individual to be stored in one parcel locker machine cell. This is to be deployed across its entire parcel machine network in the Baltic states.

According to Kristi Unt, the head of Omniva Estonia, the new solution is focused on convenience for the customers and more efficient use of the parcel machine lockers without extending the delivery times. “The new solutions will be used when a parcel arrives for a customer while there is still a previous parcel waiting for them in the parcel machine. If possible, the new parcel will be stored in the same locker with the previous one and the same locker code will be used. Upon submitting the code, the parcel machine will notify the customer that there are several parcels in the same locker,” said Unt.

The system will increase the amount of available space for parcels to be stored in the machines, and will equate to Omniva adding 40 new parcel machines.

Unt pointed out that many customers collect multiple parcels in one visit to a parcel locker machines. “During normal parcel volume periods, this solution will help us make room for thousands of new parcels every week. Before Christmas and during other parcel-sending peak seasons, however, the expected impact is several times larger, as the number of people actively ordering parcels is significantly higher,” she explained. 

As the Christmas peak season comes to full force, Omniva is already filling its most popular parcel locker machines several times of day, every day of the week. At the same time it is adding more parcel lockers to its Estonian network. “We are working hard to make this year’s e-commerce peak season pass without longer parcel machine queues,” added Unt.

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