Omniva upgrades parcel locker deliveries

Baltic parcel delivery company Omniva is to make multiple pickups and drop-offs at parcel lockers every day.

The improved service begins today (1 August) and the most popular machines in Estonia’s capital Tallinn are to get a third delivery round as part of the service upgrade.

“With the new service logic, we will be able to issue about 20% more parcels via the parcel lockers in 24 hours,” said Omniva Parcel Machine Network Manager Evert Rööpson.

Thanks to steady growth of e-commerce in the region, Omniva has also built a new logistics centre and changed the way the logistics network operates too.

According to Rööpson, the practice that will be adopted is usually practiced during Christmas time.

“We will start monitoring the level of use of each parcel machine and if we notice that any parcel machine is extra popular, then we will empty and fill it even several times a day,” Rööpson said.


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